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ibnscreenshot Hello there and welcome! Thanks for clicking this link. This is the place where Indie Business Network members add their images, business information, social links, videos to the Shop Indie Makers website.

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1. Add Your Maker Business

All listings are subject to approval by the administrator. Clear product photos, correct links, spelling, and grammar are required, and we will make edits as necessary for site uniformity. Please note that it can take up to 24 business hours for your profile to be accepted and made public.


  • Fill out as much information as possible. Let people know your location and hours (if applicable), and use the description area to share why your business rocks!
  • Profiles are searchable by Location, Type, and Category. Choose how you want to be found. You can always edit this later as your company evolves over time.
  • Directory-cover-image-sizeChoose a beautiful, colorful cover image to represent your brand. Cover images fit well at 1400x400px 72dpi (web optimized). If your image is not web optimized, we publish your profile with our default banner and you can swap it out at any time for a properly sized cover image.You can change your cover image at any time to reflect the season or specials you are offering. Be mindful of how you place text and images in your banner, as they may fall under default information (i.e., business name, submit a review, etc.) overlaid on the banner. Click the yellow mock up template below to view larger cover details.To be on the safe side, you may wish to avoid using text on your banner so your text does not compete with the text already in the banner. If you do use text in your banner, it is best to place it in the center of the area where there is no default text.
  • You can also add up to 8 additional gallery image product photos, again web optimized!
  • If you need a great tool to optimize your images for web try Web Resizer.

PLEASE NOTE: Your listing fields are not saved until you submit them. Once you select the “preview button” you will have the opportunity to see what your listing will look like before submitting. While you can go back and edit your listing from the preview screen, know that some of your information may get kicked out. This is because the database cannot save your listing fields until it is submitted to the database. For minor edits, we recommend you submit your listing THEN go back and do your edits. If you do need to go back, please review all fields to make sure none of your information was lost.

* You will select a username when you add your maker business and an auto-generated password will be emailed to you upon creation. You can change the password, or better yet connect your profile with social accounts following step #4 below.

Add Your Maker Business

2. Get Approved

We will be working through reviewing all profile submissions and approving them as fast as we can. We can’t wait to show you off! IMPORTANT NOTE! Once you submit your listing, we will assume you are ready for approval. Please refer to Step 3 regarding how to preview and edit your listing.

3. Edit your Listing

Did you find a typo? Do your hours change during the year? No problem! You can edit your listings once they have been submitted. Add beautiful product images or change your business details anytime!

Edit Your Maker Business

4. Manage Your Account Info

Your Name, eMail and Social Profiles are located in your account settings. This is also where you can change your password, and connect your profile to social networking profiles of choice. No additional passwords to remember – YES PLEASE!

Edit Your User Profile

5. Favorites and Reviews

Reviews – Had a personal interaction with a member? Let others know your experience by leaving a star and written review.

Favorites/Bookmark – Favorite members to bookmark them and go back to later, write personal notes to reference.

This site is being launched in phases. Phase 1 is happening now. It’s a soft launch to members only (do not share this site at this time!) so we can work out any kinks. Add your content, links, pictures, etc.

More To Come!

We will be adding new features soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, we will be sharing your products with the world using our robust social media platforms on shop indie makers on instagram, shop indie makers on twitter, indie business on facebook and elsewhere!